Earth continuity, what is it and how does it relate to PAT testing. In plain English it refers to the conductivity of the earth wire such as from a 13A plug to a class 1 appliance such as a washing machine. Its function is a very important one and its importance cannot be understated.

What is earth continuity

To explain what earth continuity is, think of it as two points connected by a single wire. If the 13A plug is point A and the metal appliance case point B, we want a direct earth connection between the two. After a PAT tester carries out their visual examination, the first electrical test performed is to check if the earth connection between plug and appliance is a sound one and has the lowest possible resistance.

Why its important.

Simply put, earth circuit is a vital safety feature on most modern appliances today. Its function for the vast majority of the time is to do nothing at all. However should a fault occur and electric current flow to earth, that is when earth continuity becomes important.