Supremo-Test portable appliance testing, about us?

Supremo Test provide portable appliance testing services throughout South & West Yorkshire. All our portable appliance tests are carried out in accordance with the IET 4th edition code of practice for the in service inspection of electrical equipment.

PAT testing by Supremo-Test

What is PAT testing.

Pat testing, or portable appliance testing, is the testing of your businesses appliances for electrical safety. PAT testing comprises a number of tests, such as a visual inspection and more in depth tests performed by PAT testing equipment. The frequency of testing is determined by the appliances purpose and the environment in which it is used.

Why PAT test.

The electricity at work regulations require employers, employees & the self employed to be compliant with their electrical safety regime. Appliances used within the workplace must be safe and fit for the purpose they are being used for. This requires a program of inspection and testing to be implemented.

Level of inspection and testing is based upon the risk of the appliance developing a fault, which is dependent upon the type of appliance, what it is used for and where it is being used.

Supremo Test how we can help.

Supremo Test technicians can examine your appliances for any defects which may become a hazard. Supremo Test follows the IET code of practice and our engineers are City & Guilds qualified. Upon completion of testing a record of testing is provided along with a certificate of compliance.

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Areas covered by Supremo Test.

Supremo Test covers, Barnsley. Wakefield. Pontefract. Hemsworth West Yorkshire. In addition some areas around, Doncaster. Rotherham. Sheffield. South Yorkshire.

For a free no obligation quote or if you have any questions about our PAT testing services please Contact Supremo Test today on 07506 994612.